giving you the power to grow your small business


by purple accounts

90 days to success

Are you a small business owner?

Feel like you're losing a grip on your finances?

Think it's too late to make a success?

or.. you seriously want to grow your business?

I can help you in just 90 days to:

  • Get a clear direction for your business

  • Get money in the bank

  • See the wood for the trees

  • Sleep at night

  • Achieve your goals

  • Afford that car or holiday


With over 20 years experience as both business owner and Chartered Management Accountant, I can help your small  business in just 90 days.

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How we Can

Help You

Chartered Management Accountant - (CIMA) and business owner for over 10 years, David has been qualified since 2003.  The number cruncher on steroids and small business guru has helped hundreds of small businesses to realise their potential, achieve their goals and get money in the bank.

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Damien Ghee is an experienced business growth adviser and member of the Association of Business Mentors. 

With a career focused on business growth and efficiency enabled by digital technology, he has worked with ICI, Deloitte, Unilever, SAP and Warburtons.  Damien was awarded Chartered IT Professional status by the British Computer Society in 2008. 

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You have a profitable business, but you have no handle on cashflow or who owes you money? Suppliers demanding payment but never seem to have enough cash?


You have a profitable business but it's time to take your business to the next level. You don't want to risk everything you have achieved so far?  Need an 'early warning' system in place?


You're business is struggling financially and you're not sure why? You need to identify what is profitable and eliminate the loss making product/processes?

You need a break?


You have a successful business and are looking to sell for the best possible price? You may want to retire earlier, want that special car, or treat the family to the holiday of a lifetime?